Persona 4 Volume 4 por Atlus

Titulo del libro: Persona 4 Volume 4

Autor: Atlus

Número de páginas: 170 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 6, 2016

ISBN: 9781927925812

Editor: Udon Entertainment

Persona 4 Volume 4 por Atlus

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Atlus con Persona 4 Volume 4

Superstar teen idol Rise Kujikawa escapes to Inaba for a much-needed break from the limelight, and the usually sleepy town is caught in the grip of celebrity fever! But when Rise suddenly appears on the Midnight Channel and goes missing soon thereafter, it's up to Soji, Chie, and the rest of the crew to rescue her from the TV World and figure out what - if anything - Rise shares in common with the previous kidnapping victims. Based on the popular Persona 4 video game!

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