Flanagan, Underage Detective por Jaume Ribera

Titulo del libro: Flanagan, Underage Detective

Autor: Jaume Ribera

Número de páginas: 156 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 5, 2011

Flanagan, Underage Detective por Jaume Ribera

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Jaume Ribera con Flanagan, Underage Detective

500.000 copies sold in print in Europe!

"Teen Detective, yes, but from a dynamic and funny view, something special in the usual boring and relaxed teen literature. It's hilarious and fresh, and it's really worth to be read. It's the beggining of the Flanagan series" (Shigaya Nimurai)


His name is Juan Anguera. He's a fourteen year old student, living in the turbulent environment of suburban Barcelona. But everybody calls him Flanagan, and he's an amateur detective. Big cases? Well, not really. He can find your lost pet, or maybe find out who's sending you those anonymous love poems. Until one of his simple cases turns out to be much more serious and dangerous. Flanagan finds himself doing the work of a real detective, all the while leaving behind his own childhood. And to make everything all the more complicated, he has to deal with his first experiences of heartache. His only weapons in the face of danger are his iron-clad sense of humor, his fast legs, and his clever mind.

Published to great acclaim in Spain, and winner of the country's most important Award, the “Premio Nacional de Literatura Juvenil”, this is the book that created a new mystery genre: the teen noir.


Andreu Martín and Jaume Ribera, live in Barcelona, Spain, and have written together the Flanagan Series, thirteen books that have sold in Spain and Europe more than two millions of copies. In their solo careers, Andreu Martín is recognised as the best mystery writer in Spain, with classical tittles like “Prótesis” or “El hombre de la navaja”. Jaume Ribera has published humor, fantasy and children's books.


"Flanagan, underage detective", has been published in print in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Greece, Letonia and Germany. I'ts the first title of the "Flanagan" series, wich has sold more than two million of copies in print.
You can browse our iflanagan site for reference about the whole series..


"The particular mix of realism and idealism, of romanticism and postmodernism, has proven to be a winning combination among young people in Spain and elsewhere."
Prof. Louise Salstad (North Carolina State University)

"In short, a new vision of the detective story in which the tough guy detective is replaced by a vivacious skinny kid that faces his situations with no more than wits and cunning. But the books have more to offer than just that. There is room for everything; comedy, thrills, danger, romance, humanity, and even local culture. The young Spain of the 1980's is described with great accuracy, with references to well-known urban trends and with plenty of nods to elements of the era (like car models or popular songs). The writing style is entertaining and effective, it really seems like the kid is telling us everything in minute detail with the typical expressions of his generation".

Txenxo (Mediavida)

"The influence of comics is clearly highlighted in the narrative rhythm, in the use of elipsis, which is executed through the quick accounting of the protagonist. It is precisely this subjective and direct narrative that gives a sense of immediacy and relief to the innocent side of the character."
A. Sotorra (Diario Avui)

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