Solita: Playful Nudes por F. A. Imaging

Titulo del libro: Solita: Playful Nudes

Autor: F. A. Imaging

Solita: Playful Nudes por F. A. Imaging

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F. A. Imaging con Solita: Playful Nudes

This girl has a fun story, so I hope that I do not bore you with it! Her actual name, on her ID and paperwork, was Lita. But, whenever the guy who owned the studio we took these at was speaking to her, this man said “So, Lita…” every time! LOL! That had me calling her Solita, to make fun of him! She didn’t mind, so…I am going to call her Solita here!The studio owner actually met her through an internet ad he placed on that ‘list’ site. Sh was a waitress at a pizza restaurant here in Phoenix, and needed some extra money for her child about to start second grade. She looked amazing for having a seven year old!Since a friend of mine knew the man that owned the studio, my friend wanted to help me learn a little about lighting, and studio lights. So, he paid Solita for the time that I photographed her, which I truly appreciated! Two different people showed me how they set their lights up, which is why some of the photos look different as far as the lighting.Solita had modeled some, and was so pretty. I promised that if I ever went to her restaurant, that I wouldn’t mention that she had done nude pictures, but, I am still going to make this book for everyone to see! She did sign a model release, and was paid, after all! So, enjoy!!!

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